Accident Story - Replacing the Accidently Damaged Door Cable

Accident Story - Replacing the Accidently Damaged Door Cable

Garage door cable is an important component of the garage door assembly which supports its entire weight.

The garage door cable is one of the strongest and most vital parts of the entire garage door unit

Since it supports the whole weight of the garage door during its upward and downward movements, it is pivotal for the smooth working for the door. Although they are made of pretty tough material, they can get damaged by accident or overuse. We once received a call from a customer who wanted our services because his garage door had become immobile and was not budging from its position no matter how hard he tried to move it. The customer told us that he recently had repairs done in his garage and soon after he was confronted with this issue.

Since the door wasn’t lifting from the floor at all, we presumed that the issue might be because of a fault in either the door opener or the cable, and thus gathered the supplies for these two garage door parts and set out for the address that the customer had provided. It did not take us much time to reach our destination. Seeing the state of the garage door, it was clear that it had suffered some kind of accidental damage, but we thought it best to check the garage door opener first to rule out the chance of fault in this component of the garage door. We found the door opener to be functioning as it was supposed to and so focused our attention on the cable. 

Upon inspecting the cable, it was evident that the door’s immobility was caused because the cable had snapped. We saw tears in the cable that led to its snapping but they were not indicative of overuse since the cable had only been in use for a few months. On further exploration, we found that the repairs done in the garage were the reason for the accidental damage and consequential snapping of the cable. The repair work had been done right above the cable and the repairmen, not knowing the importance of the cable, had done extensive damage to it while doing his repairs, causing the cable to snap during operation. Having found the reason for the immobile state of the garage door, we started replacing the cable and were able to complete the task in a couple of hours’ time.

After finishing the replacement work, we tested the door to ensure that the cable was working fine and was able to bear the weight of the door without any issues. The customer was very satisfied with our work and thanked us for the service.

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