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How many rotations does a garage door normally last?

The information from our technicians in Chuluota is that it all depends on the usage. Normally we measure in rounds, and you should expect about 10,000 revolutions. Other brands can go on for a bit longer. In any case, we follow the manufacturer’s instructions when helping our clients with their properties.

How much does it cost to insulate a garage door?

Insulation is not going to cost as much as a major garage door repair. On average, it will cost around $200 for a nine-foot-wide door, for the materials alone. It actually depends on the material used and the amount of work involved, which depends on how complicated it is to insulate a particular door design.

Do I need to replace both garage door springs even if only one is broken?

According to our experts, it is best to replace both garage door springs even if only one has broken since they receive the same tension so they often gets worn out the same time. The other spring could snap anytime so it is best to also have it replaced too.

What does a clicking noise on a garage door mean?

If you encounter a clicking noise with your garage door, it can usually be attributed to the door opener unit unless the clicking can be traced to the hinges or tracks. Clicking sounds may indicate simple to complex problems. Lubrication maintenance or minor adjustments may address the issue but it would be better to have it checked professionally.

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